Who is sigma star & who is the team?

sigma star gmbh is a IT consulting and development company established in 2011 and located in Innsbruck, Austria. Today it is lead by David Gstir, Richard Weinberger and Thomas Dierl.

what we do…

At sigma star we provide consulting and software engineering services in a multitude of areas. The main ones are security and open source software.

… and how we do it

In all our work we strive for high quality and durable solutions.

Expert areas

Topics of the experts group are not limited to but include:

  • Security and cryptography services, such as: Audits of code or architecture, design and implementation of protocols or concepts.
  • The whole Linux ecosystem, such as any kind of kernel development, design and implementation of embedded systems or user interfaces.
  • Trainings: Our services do not end after consulting and development, for all covered topics sigma star gmbh also provides trainings. Either in combination with handover of the final product to the internal development team or individually to expand the skill set of our customer’s team. In general we have a strong knowledge sharing attitude and don’t provide black box solutions.

Our customers

Our customers build mission critical systems in the area of automotive, cryptography, industrial, embedded and access control systems with a strong focus on security and privacy. Since we and our customers value integrity and confidentiality, we don’t publish a reference list. Examples however are companies that

  • build Linux-based products
  • have a need for IT security consulting

Among them are small companies with special needs as well as big stock companies with their own development departments around the globe.

Core Team

Sigma star gmbh has various partners and friends on which we can fall back to tackle bigger projects. Our core team currently consists of five all-rounders.

Linux Penguin

Richard Weinberger

Richard is actively involved in the Linux kernel development and maintainer of several Linux Subsystems. He is our secret weapon to hunt any kind of system level bug and issue. His extensive experience with tackling bugs also gave him a keen eye for security-specific software and compiler bugs.

Enigma Penguin

David Gstir

David is the security professional of the team. He has a background in IT-security and cryptography where he researched attacks on the AES algorithm as well as security and privacy aspects of smart meters. Combined with his experience in Linux and software engineering, he is in hot pursuit of all those security issues in our customer’s source code. Aside from that he is also not afraid to build larger code bases from scratch, even if they are intended to run on non-Linux systems too.

Workflow Penguin

Thomas Dierl

Thomas has 20+ years of experience in software development and software architecture. Therefore, his main topics are software development and architecture with security and durability in mind. When he is not busy with founding companies or consulting startups, he brings our customer’s ideas to paper, codes and watches over the daily organisational matters.

Kamikaze Penguin

David Oberhollenzer

David is our brave and brilliant warrior who is not afraid to tackle new and complicated projects. This leads him to creating and maintaining multiple new open source projects spanning from low-level embedded systems to user interfaces.

Rookie Penguin

Aaron Marcher

Aaron is the youngest, but no less inquisitive team member. He eagerly approaches every new project with a sharp eye for the important parts and the end goal. During his 4+ years of experience at sigma star he already combatted linux bugs, worked on linux kernel, embedded systems projects and engineered cloud-based software solutions.

We would be pleased to get to know you and tailor a specific solution for your problem.